2009 Chevrolet Equinox LT

Posted: August 1, 2012 in Vehicle Reviews
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I keep seeing ads about the Chevy Equinox being more spacious inside than other mid-sized SUVs, but the curvy profile has always made me wonder if the interior design gets in the way of functionality as a dog vehicle.

A closer inspection identifies a vehicle with a surprisingly small interior for a vehicle that appears so much larger.  Unfortunately, it also reveals yet another vehicle with seats that do not fold flat, this time not with a slight angle but an actual “step up” between the back of the second row and the cargo area, complicating its use when crates are involved.

Width between wheel wells (narrowest part of the vehicle): 37.5″

Cargo depth with both rows up: 34″ on the floor, 23″ deep at the narrowest point (seat back 19″ above floor level)

Cargo depth with the second row down: 54.5″

Interior height (max): 35.25″ at the rear of the second row

Interior Height (min): 31.75″ at the hatch

Hatch dimensions: 31.75″ tall, 36.5″ to 43.5″ wide.

MPG city: 17 mpg (this was a 2WD model)

MPG highway: 24 mpg (this was a 2WD model)

The Equinox lacks any additional vents and outlets in the rear cargo area, but it does include two cargo anchor points and a light above the cargo area.

The interior of the Equinox did compare well with other vehicles in the same range, but the actual usability of the vehicle is impeded by several dimensions and the gas mileage is quite low for a with these dimensions. The width between the wheel wells (just 37.5″!) makes fitting crates larger than 18″ wide side by side impossible and the depth from the rear hatch to the back of the front seats with the second row down is actually a few inches shorter than what we measured in the Ford Escape! I was quite surprised by the measurements given all the hype.

The smaller rear cargo area width and depth puts the Equinox more into the small crossover/hatchback category as far as dog toting ability goes – the interior space will only allow for the use of small crates or larger crates set up perpendicular to the vehicle.

  1. Leah P says:

    Annnd this is why, when I had to drive one of these things for a week while my HHR was in the shop, I quickly ended up nicknaming it the EquiSUX. 😉

  2. Jen says:

    Interesting… the ’06 I just got does have an outlet in the cargo area. I started playing with crates in the back. I’ve always had crates on the seats in the cars since I haven’t had the possibility of a crate in the back. Then I decided I’d avoid the dogs riding in the cargo area to hopefully better protect them from crashes if it ever happened. I usually don’t transport more than the two dogs, and I don’t bring more than one passenger when I have the two, but I could bring another medium sized dog, or move one to the back and have room for a person or two if for some odd reason I wanted to do that. The pictures don’t show it, but mine came with a rear cargo shelf with a leg that flips down (I haven’t figured it out yet) intended to make it into a picnic table. I suppose this feature might be nice if you pack your own food, but you’ve gotta sit on the bit of space left between the edge of it and the end of the car, or maybe fold your rear seat and sit there if you want to face the table.

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