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I took advantage of an unexpectedly free Wednesday afternoon to stop by the local CarMax to look at vehicles.

I was not unduly impressed by the sales guy – he was very uninterested and had no useful information for me, not even how to fold vehicle seats down (!) – but I did love being able to just walk past a line of vehicles and look at any that caught my eye.

Because the salesguy was so unimpressive and the light decreasing as the evening progressed, I only spent about 90 minutes at CarMax, but I did get information on **7** more vehicles. Stay tuned for reviews of each over the next few weeks!

Today I took a trip to our local Kia dealership, Bob King Kia in Winston-Salem, NC, and spent several hours poring over four different vehicle models.

I went into the visit with a very “get in, get my info, and get out” mindset, but quickly found myself truly enjoying the vehicle research with the help of Tom Shiner, an extremely helpful and welcoming salesperson who I had worked with briefly a few months ago at the start of my serious research phase. Tom has a dog himself, so we talked dogs for a good portion of the visit which was a nice bonus.

I solely took measurements and noted features on the Sportage, Soul, and Sedona, but I took the Sorento out on a test drive as well since it’s a vehicle I’m seriously considering myself. Detailed reviews of each vehicle will be up on the blog soon, so stay tuned!