Four Paw Drive aims to be a resource for those dog owners looking for more detailed information about a variety of vehicles that might be suited to activities involving dogs.

4P Drive also focuses on safety when dogs are sharing the car and reviews various products designed to make pet travel safer and simpler for both humans and their animal companions.

Readers are encouraged to offer suggestions for post topics, vehicle reviews, and other content!

  1. Donna Dixon says:

    I stumbled upon this site by accident while researching for a new car. How fantastic, car reviews all about the rear space, and people who understand the needs of those attending dog trials. Although I take car to secure my dog crate I never even considered what would happen in case of an accident in which I become incapacitated. Tonight, I’m making up a dog info package as outlined under ICE and I’ll be talking it up at the next dog trial. Great job, thank you!
    Donna Dixon, Suburban Toronto, (currently driving a 2000 VW Golf, with terrific perfectly flat rear folding seats and now looking for a new car).

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