Submission Guide for Four Paw Drive Guest Vehicle Reviews

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Vehicle Reviews

Several people have asked for more guidance on formatting guest vehicle reviews for this blog, so here’s a simple template for you to follow.  Completed reviews can be emailed to Four Paw Drive at 4pdriveblog (at) (remove spaces, use the real @ sign).
Vehicle Make, Model, Year
[side picture]
Brief summary of your experience with the vehicle – this may include what you use it for, how long you’ve had it, average gas mileage, repair history/durability, etc.
What are your favorite features?
What, if anything, do you dislike about this vehicle?
Dimensions of the rear cargo area, with all seats in place, rear row removed, and all rows removed.  Please include:

  • width between wheel wells at floor level
  • width at the widest point and narrowest point (and where that is)
  • depth at the widest point and narrowest point (and where that is)
  • height at tallest and lowest (and where it is)
  • size of the hatch opening
  • any other dimensions you think might be helpful

[interior photos of cargo area, at least one taken from the rear looking forward]

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