Welcome to Four Paw Drive!

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Four Paw Drive grew out of my own search for the perfect dog vehicle. Numerous web searches returned no current websites that reviewed cars from a serious dog hobbyist’s perspective.  There were a few “dog car” sites, yes, but I needed information on rear cargo area dimensions, the ease of fitting side by side crates behind the second row of seats, the presence of a independently opening rear hatch window, tie down locations, etc., not how many dogs would fit loose behind the last seat!

As I struggled to find a resource, I found that I was not alone – other people with multiple dogs who travel thousands of miles per year, trial in various venues, or those whose businesses include transporting other peoples’ animals were running into the same challenges.

Enter Four Paw Drive! This blog aims to be a clearinghouse for the detailed information active dog owners and animal professionals need but can’t find anywhere else. If I miss a detail you want to see, ask! If you think your vehicle is the perfect dogmobile, let me know and you could see your review on the front page!  Stay tuned for reviews of vehicle small and large, pet transport options and considerations, and much more as Four Paw Drive grows!

  1. AYK says:

    I hope you’ll be able to review the Honda Fit. With gas prices so high, it’ll be nice to be able to use a commuter car that can also double as a dog car.

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